I’m Just Like You-

Prologue Of A Very Old Book

The court room was silent. An excellent question being, why was it? I do not know about why it is in its current state. Though I do know the next- warning- announcement put everyone on edged, palpable really. The clatter did not ever start before silence resumed. But what is a court without a message spread. Useless. A room without a word spoken? A room of silent people.

“Someone here has the power to guide us through the dark Edge Forest.” The sentence contained information that was known and quite put to attention by the councilor in charge; Councilor Derek Le Firedazar. Now that certainly started a clatter, oh, I suppose I mean clamor.

The bishie, excuse my language, in the middle of the room stood in a position as if he had prepared to draw his sword, but of course it would not be so, it was a political room after all. Still standing with a hand prepared he waited and watched for the, nay expected a lady, greedy lady to come out into the scene and say she has been blessed. Or cursed. With this power, this gift.

She did not come out.

Oh, we will wait here for hours.

Published by AngelZWolf

I do not check replies often. Its not my fault, who am I lying to anyways, it is.

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